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Hindi Manch Natya Vibhag is a department within Hindi Manch that focuses purely on theatre and related activities. The aim of the Vibhag is to produce full length and short plays in Hindi that not only entertains us but also at the same time keep us connected with some of the great literary work written in Hindi in form of Naatak (Play). The Vibhag has also presented plays originally written in other languages but translated in Hindi.

So far the vibhag has presented three full-length plays that were with multiple shows of each of them and all were sold out shows. All these plays were directed by Shri Mohan Dali, who is also a founder member of Hindi Manch and had a close association with Bollywood; he was Assistant Director of Raj Kapoor starer – Teesri Kasam.

Interestingly, Mirchi Cola, a full-length comedy play was written by a member of the Vibhag and the President of Hindi manch – Mr. Preetesh Srivastava.

The vibhag has also done several short plays and skits in other Hindi Manch programs to provide some comical relief or in case of Sahitya Sanmelan, it presented some of the litrary gems in form of plays including Mohan Rakesh’s Sipahi Ki Maa.


More recently, presented a talk and workshop on Indian Theater & its Style with Shri Bharat Ratna Bhargava, who has won several awards including the Sangeet Natak Akademi award and is very well known for his written & directed plays and critic of Habib Tanveer’s book ‘Rang Habib’.

Vibhag plans to present “Sastra Dekho Sastra” written by Bhargavji and to be directed by him in spring of 2016 and it will be presented in completely Indian Style of plays based on Natyashastra. It also plans to announce a full-length play to be directed by Shri Mohan Dali.


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