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Hindi Manch Sahitya Vibhag is a department within Hindi Manch that focuses purely on Hindi Literature related activities.


With your help and support the Hindi Manch Sahitya Vibhag, hosts several Hindi Manch Sahitya Goshthis (HMSG) around the year and one Annual Hindi Sahitya Sammelan. The Hindi Manch Sahitya Sammelan is a "Goshthi", but on a much larger scale and in a more structured and formal setting.


In these Goshthis, we have the pleasure of listening to local writers and poets present their, or others stories, memoirs, skits, songs, geets, and poems. The HMSG  caters to the literary taste of the lovers of Hindi/Urdu and associated Hindustani languages. Our aim is to nurture, motivate and promote local artists (writers, poets, authors, etc) through these events.


These are family centered events and we have  mixed audiences. To make these events enjoyable for all, we typically request our participants to kindly abide by the following guidelines/rules;


I.                   GENERAL:


a.       Each individual presentation could be penned by you or others.


b.      The presentation shall be in Hindi/Urdu or related languages (Devnagri, Awadhi, Brij etc).


c.       We welcome all rasas (comedy and non-comedy) presentations.


d.      The presentation should be strictly between 4 – 5 minutes.


e.       Please choose material that is appropriate for family-friendly and mixed background audiences.


f.       Maintain neutral content (No bias of race, caste, creed, color, religion, orientation, etc)


g.      It is understood that we have your permission to reproduce your work in print, non-print or other forms of electronic media.


h.      Please send us a brief about yourself to help adequately introduce you to the audience. (How, when, why you developed interest in Hindi literature. Role models, background of items, etc).


j.        Indian attire is strongly suggested.


k.      A paragraph summarizing details of your item to help us maintain variety and avoid overlap with other presenters.


II.                TIME LIMITS:


(a)    Solo Presentations:                        Strictly within 4-5 minutes.


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